Are You Interested In Starting A Home Care Business?

Home care business is growing nowadays as a large number of families in the US need various healthcare and other services for their elderly members. 

However, before you decide to start your business you will need to acquire a home care licenseOnly the following few states do not need any license to start healthcare agencies.

  • West Virginia
  • Vermont
  • South Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Michigan
  • Massachusetts
  • Iowa
  • Alabama

Besides, 18 states have got a mandate that all home healthcare agencies must file their certificates before starting their operation. 

These certificates will be intended for helping state authorities to curb excess supply available in this healthcare market by assessing local demand before permitting any new agency to open.

So far as your staff is concerned, all the nurses to be hired must be licensed and registered for practicing in the concerned state. 

All requirements for training and licensing for non-skilled caregivers will vary from one state to another state. Few may not have any established training requirements too for non-skilled caregivers. 

Get started

Before you start your operation, you must do the following:

  1. Review all the checklist needed for this business that you can find from the guidelines available for your state.
  2. Review all the necessary rules that govern licensure for home care agencies.

One of the main reasons why licenses are often rejected is because most applicants do not understand the basic checklist and licensure rules. Therefore, applicants must be prepared for an initial survey to achieve the necessary approval.

How to apply

Applicants need to follow this:

  1. Download the complete application for a license from the internet
  2. Include the necessary fee as money order, check or any other certified check form
  3. Enclose proof of previous experience of either of these:

         a. Proof of operating any home care agency

         b. Completion of training as a home care provider.

      4. Mail your application to the licensing authority.

Guarding against fraud

There are various state regulations available for all home healthcare agencies, to help guard against any kind of fraud. This is needed for protecting the best interests of the patients seeking such services.

As the demand for such home healthcare services is increasing at an alarming rate, hence many new agencies keep on popping up day in and day out to meet the demand. 

Certainly, all of them may not be able to offer very good quality care and also may not follow any firm ethics.

As an example, federal investigation agencies have estimated that many fraudulent home healthcare service providers have so far billed higher than the amount of 100 million dollars accounted from 2012.

If the state authorities can identify more such fraud cases, where a clear home healthcare fraud has been noticed, then it will be important for al prospective owners of home care businesses to align themselves along with certain trusted brands. 

If more fraud is detected then, consumers will also become alert. They will then only seek out for those agencies who have got uncompromising ethics and standards of care.

Then compliance can get costlier for even home care companies who have no established systems.

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