Why You Should Not Avoid Memphis Musical Festival?

If you love to enjoy nonstop entertainment and seek to dance endlessly while listening to live performances of your favorite musicians then book your tour to Memphis. It is well known as city where you breathe, eat and live music. The city is home to world famous musicians and thus you can anytime be part of famed music festivals.

Here is mini list of popular music festivals:

  • Beale street music festival – It can be actually termed as part of the Annual music festival of Memphis that usually is in May. This festival is live for three days when local well acclaimed artists play all kinds of music.
  • Memphis music and heritage festival – Usually planned for labor-day celebrations near Center of Southern Folklore. It is part of local celebrations and thus the music is influenced by the culture of Memphis.
  • International Blue challenges – It is arranged by Blues Foundation where worldwide famous Blue Bands are invited to perform and promote their shows in the month of January. There are competitions held to choose the best performers among them.
  • Delta fair combined musical eve – It is a fair where you enjoy traditional food and other entertainment along with dancing in the music eve.

memphis music


  • Mempho – It is two days festival largely favorite of locals. It is performed on multiple stages in Shelby Farms Park by local national talented musicians.
  • Rock for Love – It is a fund raiser musical event held in different venues in the month of August or September. If you like to listen to all kinds of modern music performed by known and unknown musicians, then make sure to book your tickets in advance.

If you are planning to attend one or more music festivals there are some facts to consider. Memphis music is world famous and thus you need to be careful about tourist crowd. You need to be armed with varied tricks to be safe in the city. Yes, Memphis barbeque and native cuisine is another limelight that seeks foreigners to visit the city thus you will find every seat in food joints occupied all the time. You can anytime enjoy the culinary delights while relaxing in We are Memphis listening to your favorite music.

Tips to enjoy music festivals in Memphis:

  • Don’t waste time booking tickets to travel and for lodging. Actually, the city is a hot tourist spot during the musical festivals. Moreover, note the climatic conditions as you will be spending more time outdoors and thus need to pack right suitable clothing to remain safe.
  • Regularly check the timings of the events as there can be last minute changes that may jeopardize your whole touring program.
  • It will be helpful to have your caps, goggles, water cans, rain wear and snacks along while enjoying music in the overcrowded space. Most of the music festivals are conducted in vast open arena, thus you need to be safe from outside environment.
  • If you leave the musical sight for in break times, make sure to have re-entry stamp to avail reentering again.

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