Are You Using the Facebook Ad Platform Correctly? Get to Know the Common Ad Mistakes

More than 92% of social marketers use Facebook ad platform as it is easy to use and offers good features. Are you using the Facebook ad platform correctly? Taking shortcuts, poorly executed ads, or struggling with Facebook algorithm changes can make you go broke on your paid Facebook ad campaign.

Organic reach through Facebook profile is declining rapidly, and ad impressions are consistently increasing. The competition is severe for online marketers, so they need to create relevant and engaging ads to survive.

Businesses in Sydney have developed with the help of FaceBook ads agency Australian Internet Advertising. Facebook is the fastest growing social media platform. There is no place for the common mistakes people make in planning their Facebook ad campaigns. The AIA technical team can help you avoid common mistakes and drive your business sales upwards.

Not putting together, a clear strategy

You will need to set your marketing goals. There is a plethora of options available on the Facebook advertising platform under 3 categories – awareness, considerations, and conversions. You need to have a clear strategy to select the right objective.

Consider what you wish your Facebook user to do. Do you desire to have them visit your website or get to know your brand or convert? The end goal will help you zero on your ad objective. A wrong objective will direct you to a wrong path and result in wasting money on things you did not want.

Forget using Facebook pixels

Marketing strategy is incomplete without keeping track and reporting. Facebook pixels allow tracking interactions occurring with your ad. You can –

  • Customize audiences for the retargeting program.
  • Optimize ads for conversions
  • Keep track of website conversions or event page associated with your ads.

Facebook pixel is actually a snippet of code, which can be installed on your website. if ignored you can miss on conversions.

Poor targeting

Facebook ad platform offers a to-target feature, which allows you to reach the correct audience. The targeting option includes life events, purchasing behavior, lookalike audiences, existing contacts, as well as layered targeting associated with demographics, behavior, and location.

Understand your target audience before creating an ad. Marketers make a huge mistake in targeting too broad, too narrow, or wrong audiences.

Audience size matters – it must be realistic. You need to trial and experiment to identify the near-to-right fit. Facebook offers a little dial feature that reveals when the audience size you chose is safe or not.

Ignoring the prominence of images

More than 80% of ad performance is due to attractive images. Visuals to be used on your Facebook ads need to be considered seriously. You get to choose different ad formats. It can be a single image or a slideshow ad format where several images can be added to capture people’s attention.

Common Facebook ad formats are photos, videos, carousel, messenger, stories, slideshow, playable, collection, and canvas. However, images get absorbed first before reading the text. Images grab attention as readers scroll across their newsfeed.

So, the image you choose has to be clear and relevant. It needs to have minimal text, so there is no distraction. Remember to tailor your ad images for better engagement.

The Facebook ad can take a little time and effort. It needs technical skillset and Facebook approval. Better to hire a reliable Facebook ad management company like AIA to handle your online social media campaign.

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