What To Look For In First Car Purchase?

Learning how to drive, getting a license, and purchasing the first car can change the life of youngsters. They are in an age group where they will experience independence in several areas. They will start making huge financial decisions and life choices to carve their way into the world.

Learning how to drive is accessible through driving schools. There are myriads of professional driving instructors in Wagga WaggaVisit online portal Pass First Go, which allows candidates to choose their instructor. The instructors make sure that their new students gain necessary foundational skills before they focus on topics like reversing, changing lanes, and other specific skills. Practice tests help to build confidence before the real driving test.

You need to think, a lot before deciding your first car purchase as the choice made will stay for a while. It is a huge investment and you desire to make the right choice without any regret later on.

Which model or brand is best?

A typical car is designed for getting you from one point to another. The huge difference is between the model layout including dashboards, control placements, engine design, as well as component availability. Friends can recommend a specific model as the best first car because of their personal experience. With the plethora of options available, many new drivers ignore the technicalities or badge. They desire for something reliable and affordable.

Few things to consider during your first car purchase

New or used

New is significantly better. It can be expensive. The majority of new license holders start their solo-driving journey in a pre-owned car. There are new cars under $20,000, but amazing pre-owned cars are priced for less.


Will you finance the car on your own or borrow? The budget will influence the kind and car quality. Sort your finances before going car shopping. Keep in mind that money will be needed after the purchase to cover car registration, insurance, and other enduring expenses like petrol.


Is there a garage or will you need to park it outside? It helps to determine the kind of car because an expensive one needs a safe parking place, where it will not get exposed to hazards or weather. Besides, if the car is left parked on the street, you will need comprehensive insurance coverage [extra cost to consider].

How long do you want the car to last?

Will you need the car for several years or more than a decade? The more years you need a car to last means more cash you will need to spend on the quality. Pre-owned old cars are cheaper but have a lot of mileage and will need regular maintenance & servicing. New cars have an average life expectancy of 12 years before the majority of its internal components will require replacement.

Manual or automatic

Manual transmission is cheaper but will depend on the age of the car. Alternatively, automatic is easy to learn and drive. With good care, automatic cars don’t need frequent service than manual.

Safety rating

Buy a car with 5 stars. It indicates the safety standards are great for pedestrians and car occupants.

Car ownership history

It is crucial to know the pre-owned car history. You get an idea about how the car was treated. Make sure the car is not very old and needs repairs. It is not an ideal first car purchase decision for youngsters.

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