Is It Right to Consume CBD Before or After Your Workout?

CBD has several benefits for your health. It reduces chronic pain, improves your mood and reduces stress levels. Due to this reason, it has become an important part of gym bags. It is used by the people to treat the soreness of muscles. It can be used as a pre and post-workout supplement without any kind of negative effects.

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CBD Consumption Before or After A Workout

There are several forms in which CBD can be taken like capsules, gummies tincture, vaping CBD oil, etc. These products are mostly taken to relax your mind and body before and after your gym workout. If you wish to take a capsule before your workout, then you need to take it one hour before the training.

CBD flower or oil can be taken immediately after your workout session as its effect is noticed very fast. The dosage differs for each individual because everyone has their own endocannabinoid system

Initially, you can start with a low dosage which you can increase, after you come to know about the amount of dosage that works for you. This is non-intoxicating and does not make you high. As this product has a number of benefits for your body. So, it can be taken pre-workout and post-workout to provide relaxation and release stress.

Advantages of Taking CBD For Your Workout

Reduces Inflammation

A person feels tired after a gym workout. The muscles ache and become tired. CBD has anti-inflammatory analgesic effects. So, it reduces the pain in the muscles and you feel relaxed and energetic.

Prolongs the Feeling of Pleasure After Post Workout

A compound known as anandamide is released from the brain. This triggers the feeling of pleasure after the post-workout. However, the long-lasting is removed from the body by an enzyme called FAAH but CBD inhibits the production of FAAH. You can have a long-lasting feeling of pleasure.

Cortisol Levels Are Reduced

During a workout, you get stressed out. It leads to tot the production of cortisol. This reduces protein synthesis which affects the growth of the muscles and recovery.

Provides Relaxation and Minimizes Anxiety

The use of CBD is useful in relaxing the whole body. A person can relieve stress and anxiety. This has a positive effect on the body. This improves health physically and mentally.


Thus, CBD is a safe and effective solution to minimize pain and inflammation. It is a beneficial medicinal supplement. This can improve your workout. You can use it based on the methods which you have selected for its consumption. So, CBD can be included in your daily fitness routine.

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