Do You Have Any Idea How Much A Custom Mat Can Cost You?

With the help of any custom mat, you can increase your brand visibility very easily by simply printing your logo, and/or slogan. The best way to do that is by keeping your mat at the entrance. Not only your custom mat will help to keep your building safe and clean, but also promote your brand without paying a dime.

Since 2005, Ultimate Mats started distributing custom logo mats that were visually quite appealing. These mats can be used almost anywhere both outside or inside your business. Now, you have a chance to display proudly your company logo and name. The following are a few reasons why these custom floor mats must be used by every business house.

  1. Marketing

Custom mats can offer you a great return on your investment and you will continue to get dividends for many years to come. It will be a nice idea to place them where maximum people can notice.

  1. Cleanliness

Heavy foot traffic will mean more visitors but you cannot afford to spend the whole day cleaning your floor. By using a certain industrial-grade custom mat, your foot traffic can be cleaned at the entrance door.

  1. Safety

If there is a lot of debris present on your floor, then your employees or patrons may fall and slip or encounter other accidents. Just by using any non-slip, non-skid custom mat, you can prevent such incident from occurring.

  1. Low maintenance

Owning a logo mat will require very little maintenance. It will be as simple as just placing this mat on your floor and let it be seen by your patrons.

How much will custom-mats cost?

To quantify exactly the cost of any custom mat is quite a difficult task. You can have many different options to consider while looking at these custom mats. Based on your choices, its cost may vary between $1060 and $3500. The following are few parameters that will decide its cost.

  1. Size

The size of custom mats can range from small single-person mats to large lobby-sized mats to cover the floor. The size of your custom-mat will dictate its cost.

  1. Material

You have a choice to choose your material from recycled plastic to something elegant like Berber. Depending upon what design and material that you choose for your custom mat, your cost can vary.

  1. Logo or brand

Your logo can be just a simple, classic print to a something high-definition picture mat that may appear crystal clear on the custom mat. Generally, a high-definition picture may cost more than any custom mat with screen printing. Also, keep in mind that mat color and also your logo’s color contrast can make a lot of difference in cost.

  1. Versatility

You may like to ensure that your custom mats should be effective enough to clean and also be safe. Also, it must be visually appealing too. All these can also add to the cost.

As such, custom mats are quite affordable and can always bring you a good return on your investment if you use them for marketing purpose.

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