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Wear Stylish Helix Earrings To Change Your Look

The demand for helix piercing is increasing among people. If you have one lone piercing and interested in getting lots of piercing in the ears helix piercing is a perfect choice. Now, young people wish to wear helix earrings. People love the durability of a metallic substance and numerous styles that change their look. Helix piercing is the best body piercing choice for people of all genders. But it is mostly used by women. You should know everything about helix piercing before purchasing the product.

Overview of helix piercing

It is a piercing made to the cartilage of the ear. There are numerous types of helix piercings in the market such as forward, double, triple, and backward helix piercing. You can choose the right helix piercing which suits your taste. You can place the helix piercing anywhere between the curve. There is also a subcategory of the helix piercing so you can get lots of piercings and wear it to change your look completely.

How to take care of helix piercings 

If you are wearing the helix piercing, you should care for it properly. You can keep the area across helix earrings clean that helps to reduce infection. If you never clean the area, then you can face some health issues. You can utilize cotton buds and saline solutions to clean across the area gently. If you will feel tempted to start unimportant with the addition, then you never change the earring until the piercing has healed. It helps to prevent the proper healing procedure. You can clean helix piercing around the area at least weekly once and stay safe.

Choose the best earring for helix piercing 

Currently, you can find lots of options in the market. When it comes to buying earrings for helix piercing, people go for bead rings, barbells, labret studs, and much more. Many people recommend the seam ring for helix piercing because they don’t include the clicker earing segment and presents on the majority of lobe hoop. A labret stud is the same as the regular lobe stud. It has a larger post with a flat on one side than the earring back. So you can select the earing based on your personality and lifestyle.

Shop for helix piercing online 

If you have decided to purchase the helix piercing, you can choose a reputable online store. They offer vast collections of helix piercings from numerous brands. You can order a variety of helix earrings online at one destination. It will help you save more time and money because you can purchase the product online from anywhere around the world.

Besides, the online store provides top-notch helix piercing to the customers. They also offer a discount on bulk order that saves money. Within a few clicks, you can order any earring online and get it to deliver faster. Also, they provide various payment options to make the shopping experience hassle-free. An E-commercial site provides a simple return policy if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it without trouble.

Get To Know Easy Budget Friendly Stunning Apparel for Halloween Party


Every year, the last day of October is celebrated in many countries as Halloween. This exciting occasion is enjoyed by celebrating in the old traditional Celtic festival of Samhain. People usually will light bonfire and wear weird costumes in the belief that ghosts will vanish from the planet. Hence, Halloween costumes that look really scary play a great role in following the long-established ways of celebrating this occasion.

It is a strong belief that to get rid of evil super natural powers, the garment worn on Halloween night must look frightening. Over the years, the costume linked to Halloween has changed in many ways. They are now spooky, dramatic, theme based and out of ordinary. Hence, to buy or customize the costumes isn’t an easy job. Thus, people do buy Halloween costumes while spending a lot of time deciding the best one for them that is sure to make them look uncustomary and of course attractive. Some Halloween party goers are often confused as they will not be able to find the right Halloween garments within their budget.

Here are few ideas for buying cost effective Halloween costumes:

  • You can make a ghost costume easily – The only material needed is pure white long cloth. You make two big holes darken its side with black paint to look like big eyebrows and eyes. While going to the party wrap the cloth enveloping you while adjusting the hole over your eyes. It is simple, but the best way to horrify others.
  • Become a mummy – You just need to wrap wide bandages on your body even used ones can be used to wrap yourself from neck to over your knees. To make your appearance more horrifying get your face makeup done likewise.
  • Be a vampire – It might not be trendy, but really works perfectly as every person present will surely look horror struck for few seconds. An oversized black coat, couple of sharp outwards protruding artificial sharp long teeth to fix in your mouth and dark shade make up will do the trick of duplicating a vampire.
  • Make it a family affair – Yes, all wearing uniform gloomy attire will look as if ghosts are behind you will make it look frightening. You can even become zombies of dead celebrities. You would need over sized dress drooping downwards and face painted and hidden behind the facemask showing the celebrity face.

You can dress up like a new cartoon character looking horrid. You can get the costume in any stage show garment supplying shop for rent. You can buy Halloween costumes at a lesser price from popular online selling platforms like and  You can choose from an array of garments each looking suitable to show the cast as you the center if attraction in the eve party. You can have group Halloween costumes, couple costumes looking best together, small fancy costumes for children and many more. You can browse through classic, traditional retro and trendy garments styled by skilled designers to make your appearance in Halloween party quite stunning this year. Enjoy the much awaited Halloween eve wearing budget friendly outfit.

Why You Need to Use Eco Friendly Products?

Eco Friendly means earth-friendly or anything that does not harm the environment. The eco-friendly products contribute to green living and help conserve energy and water. However, due to careless behavior of humans, there is extensive damage caused to the environment and this has led to several problems. There is a threat to the living organisms to live amiably on the planet. Thus, it is a top priority for humans to stop polluting their living world and switch over to ecofriendly products.

More about eco friendly products:

These are substances used for utility purposes, but not made of materials that are harmful for nature. Gone are the days when people used things that were non-biodegradable. The most used item was the one-time usable plastic materials which never decomposed. Thus, it was a major problem for safe guarding natural resources. There were millions of tons of plastic material that ended up in landfills and in water resources. They spoilt the natural resources by releasing toxic elements that were quite harmful for living beings. Another beneficial feature of using eco friendly products is that you can safeguard your health.

Another material that never decomposed was glass materials. Even though many kinds of this material were recycled, still when thrown in garbage it was not fully destroyed. Hence, the need to replace them was quite essential to save our planet.

Listing some eco friendly products widely in use:

  • Reusable bags – They are the best examples of eco friendly products as they are made of biodegradable material like fabric, polypropylenes, polyester and hemp. They have successfully replaced the usage of good quality paper bags and one time use plastic carry bags. You can find an array of them in any custom reusable bags selling stores, and thus you have the best attractive bags at affordable price.
  • Reusable water bottles – Earlier water bottles were made of toxic plastic material However, today, the bottles are made of PET or of metals, thus no longer it is harmful for your health.
  • Travelling mugs – They are made of recyclable material, and thus you need not worry if they are thrown in the garbage. Most of them contain lids thus, it is a great way to have safe drink while travelling.
  • Solar powered products – No longer there is a need to use electrically charged things as you have solar powered lights, loud speakers and many more daily use products to reduce the impact on non renewable resources. You even have solar phone charger that helps effectively to charge your phone within few minutes.
  • LED bulbs – They are the most efficient daily used light sources that help curb electricity wastage, thus saving on energy bills. Moreover, it controls the emission of harmful carbon gases.

There are many eco friendly products widely used, but the most used ones are custom reusable bags. They act as popular promo gifts favoring customers as well as marketers. If you want such well designed reasonably priced eco friendly bags to be your advertising aids visit online platform of best bag sellers Here you will be able to customize the bags required to boost the prosperity of your trade.

Traditional Vs Modern Irish Wool Sweaters

At inception, the woolen sweaters were exclusively made from pure merino sheep wool. The fabric was not treated with any chemicals neither was it dyed. As a result, the sweaters were only available in two colors, white and black; the color of merino sheep.

Such untreated wool contained a compound called lanolin. Lanolin gave the sweater some water repelling capacity. A very desirable feature which guaranteed the fishermen would be warm and dry as they fished in the Atlantic.

Today, wool is still used but is modified to meet the modern design needs. The thickness of the yarn is varied for the purpose of knitting heavy sweaters for the cold seasons and lighter yarns for sweaters suited for the warmer seasons.

Also, the wool is dyed to produce many other colors. Moreover, modern designs may blend the wool with other fabrics like linen, cotton, polyester and silk.

While traditional sweaters were purely hand knit, the new generation sweaters are either hand knit or machine made. However, most are machine made. Irish woolen sweaters can also be hand loomed.

Classification of Irish wool sweaters

Irish woolen sweaters can be classified using various parameters. The design of the neck, stich pattern and method of manufacture are some of the most common features used to distinguish the sweaters.

We’ll have a deep look at these parameters, in so doing expound on the classifications of the sweaters.

  • Method of manufacture.

As mentioned earlier, Irish wool sweaters are knit in three ways. Hand knitting whereby one knits the sweater stich by stitch using bare hands. It produces the best quality sweater as the knitter pays attention to details.

The patterns are conspicuous and the knits are tight hence very durable and maintain shape for a long time. This will cost the highest.

For the hand loomed sweaters, an individual operates the loom to make the stiches. Well defined patterns are achieved and the sweater is of good quality and durable but not to the level of the hand knit sweaters.

As the name insinuates, machine knit sweaters are knit using machines. Machines produce sweaters of relatively low quality compared to the two former methods. The fabric is thinner and stretches and loses shape quickly. Its durability is low.

Keep this in mind as you place your order.

  • Shape of the neck.

The neck of a sweater is very conspicuous and will inevitably be noticed. Therefore it is very important to pick a neck design that not only flatters but also complements your body shape, especially the shape of the head and size of your neck. And of course on that will blend well with your outfit.

There are many neck designs. The once you will frequently see are: V-neck, crewneck, cowl neck and roll neck.

  • Stich pattern.

You cannot mistake the stich patterns on Irish wool sweater. They are uniquely beautiful and also have historical significance. Any sweater you pick will not lack any of these: cable, diamond, zigzag, basket, tree of life and honeycomb patterns.

You may want to know the meaning of a particular pattern on sweater before placing your order.

Why Irish woolen sweaters

There is a lot in the Irish sweater you cannot find in any other sweater. The Irish woolen sweater combine the benefits of wool as a great fabric and the extensive Irish experience in making sweaters.

This is why you will not regret the decision to buy an Irish wool sweater. Irish woolen sweaters are:

  • High quality and durable.
  • Cosy and comfortable.
  • Classy and trendy.
  • Very affordable.
  • Friendly to the skin i.e. do not irritate.
  • Wrinkle resistant.
  • Unique and exclusive.
  • Of a large variety.
  • Inflammable/ a fire retardant.

Taking care of woolen sweaters

When it comes to woolen sweaters you cannot afford not to know. What is the use of buying an expensive sweater that will not last?

Foremost, what wears out a sweater quickly is “overwearing” it. It’s always prudent to purchase more than one similar sweaters so that you do not strain that favorite one.

Secondly, check the tag at that back collar of your sweater. It contains most information you need to know as regards to taking care of your sweater.

Also ensure you get it right during cleaning. A simple rule applies. If it is hand knit, hand wash; if it is machine knit, machine wash.

Yet as much as you can, hand wash your woolen sweater. After washing do not wring it. Simply wrap it in a dry towel and roll over. The towel will draw out the water. Wringing causes the sweater to loose shape quickly.

To dry, lay it on flat surface. Hanging would cause it to stretch and it will appear oversize next time you wear it. Never use a dryer. It shrinks the wool.

Storage. Many people are fond of hanging sweaters in wardrobes. Unknown to them, they stretch the sweater. The best way to store your woolen sweater is to fold it and store in a dry and clean bag.

F. Aldea is Marketing communications consultant at Linked agency, an Ireland-based advertising consumer experience consultancy that improves agencies in the Ireland generate excellent client experiences.